Museum Secrets Revealed

English: Courthouse, Albert County, New Brunsw...

English: Courthouse, Albert County, New Brunswick, built 1904. It is part of the Albert County Museum complex in Hopewell Cape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Museum Secrets Revealed

HOPEWELL CAPE – The Albert County Museum at 3940 Route 114 in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick, is pleased to announce the launch of their Museum Secrets Tour.  This special tour will provide an exclusive look into the inner workings of the Albert County Museum.  Guests will be shown parts of the museum that have never before been seen by the public.  The fee for the Museum Secrets Tour is only $10 per person, but be prepared, tours are a minimum of two hours.  Tours are available at the Albert County Museum starting today.  All Museum Secrets Tours must be booked in advance by calling the museum.

Donald Alward, the Albert County Museum Manager/Curator, will guide guests through the stories of R.B Bennett, Canada’s eleventh Prime Minister, who was born and raised in Albert County, and Tom Collins, an axe murderer who was the only person to be legally hanged in Albert County.  Guests will learn from the Curator of the twenty two themed galleries about the human and industrial history of Albert County, which covers everything from agriculture, lumbering, shipbuilding and mining to the creation of Albert County, leisure time and the finer things that Albert County residents enjoyed.

“Every one of the 7000 plus artefacts in the Albert County Museum collection help to tell the stories of the People of the Tides,” says Alward.  “Some of those artefacts have their own stories that have been kept secret – until now.”  On the Museum Secrets Tour guests will hear the firsthand account of uncovering the 150 year old gaol cell graffiti as well as some of the more unique and bizarre stories behind some of the artefacts.  These are stories that only the curator knows.

“Besides hearing the untold stories,” Alward continues, “guests will also gain exclusive access to the never before seen basement of the County Gaol, the Court House Evidence Storage room and the museum Artefact Storage.  We will also have a rare look at the functioning of the Wheelwright Shop.”

The Museum Secrets Tour unravels the mysteries that are hidden deep within the Museum walls.  From the eleventh Canadian Prime Minister to the treasures buried within Artefact Storage, the Museum Secrets Tour has something for everyone.


About frederictonregionmuseum

The Fredericton Region Museum was founded in 1934 by the York-Sunbury Historical Society. The Society was formed in 1932 and now has members from all over North America, however, most are from Central New Brunswick. In 1969 the Museum found permanent headquarters in the Officer's Quarters (571 Queen Street) in the heart of downtown Fredericton. The Society and Museum remain a nonprofit enterprise with a small paid staff and numerous volunteers. They work tirelessly to create informative exhibits, organize programs and events as well as publish a local history periodical The Officers' Quarters. The Fredericton Region Museum is the home of the famous Coleman Frog. He is the 42lb wonder that lived in the Killarney Lake just north of Fredericton about 100 years ago. The Fredericton Region Museum is a gateway into the exciting history and diverse heritage of central New Brunswick. Because central New Brunswick is where the provincial capital is located, and because it served as a meeting place for Aboriginals, Loyalists, Acadian, and other European settlers, the Fredericton Region Museum is an excellent place to start. With over 4000 square feet of exhibit space and a collection of over 30,000 artefacts the museum is a fun and exciting way to look into our past.
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