Do you have a cancer story? The Fredericton Region Museum would love to hear from you!

This fall, the Fredericton Region Museum will be launching an exhibit on cancer and how it has affected local lives and we need your help!

We are looking for members of our community to submit their stories in either essay or poetry form (or artwork for young children) about their personal experience(s) with cancer.  Whether you are a victim of cancer yourself, or you know a family member or friend who was or is battling, we invite you to share your story with us.

We will be selecting stories to display within the exhibit as well as archiving all of the submissions.  By collecting local stories, we are actively creating history and you can be a part of this by sending in an original essay or poem that will be preserved for future generations.

The inspiration for this exhibit came into existence after a generous donation made by Joan Maybee, a Frederictonian who is herself fighting against cancer.  Her donation, a large collection of Swarovski crystals, will act as the centerpiece to the exhibit.

The facts and history of cancer will be displayed alongside local contributions (this could be your essay or poem!) and visitors to the museum will be able to participate in person!  We will have supplies available for guests to write their own essay and/or poem when visiting which will be strung up along the walls for others to see.

If you want to be a part of this project, please visit the Fredericton Region Museum blog.

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Fredericton Region Museum- Summer Camp Themes and Dates

Create and Play!- July 7-11

This week will focus on the history of arts, crafts and recreation. What did people do for fun? What games did they play and what did they create? Learn about the past through fun, hands on activities. Activities will include visits to historical and cultural sites (such as art galleries and museums), special guests, and historically significant games and crafts. Join us and lean about toys and games from the past while you play with them!

Blast to the Past: Fredericton Edition- July 14 – 18

Come discover history, starting with Fredericton! Fredericton has many historic churches and buildings that help tell the story of the town, which used to be called Saint Anne’s Point. Join us as and see what life was like for the Loyalists, the First Nations, Acadians, and for the people of historic Marysville! Activities will include historic games and crafts, as well as trips to historical buildings. 

Marching Through History- July 21 – 25

This week will focus on how war affected Canada and the important role that men and women played in fighting for freedom. Games and activities will focus on The War of 1812, the Revolutionary War, and World War I and II. Canada’s modern role in maintaining peace will also be discussed. March through history with us as we learn through guest speakers, games, activities, and outings.

The Museum: An Inside Story- July 28 – August 1

Do you want to learn more about museums? Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes? Join us as we visit museums around Fredericton to get the inside story. Come find out how artefacts are catalogued and preserved.  Not only will there be tours, but also museum themed games and activities.

Food for Thought- August 5 – 8 (4 days)

Do you love to cook, and history? Why not combine the two and learn about the history of food? Join us as we make and learn about historic dishes. There will be guest speakers and outings all focused on food and how it changed throughout history.

Building History- August 11 – 15

This week will focus on the history of architecture. Learn about historic buildings through crafts, games and field trips! Architecture can tell us a lot about what life was like at a certain time as well as what a building was used for. Join us as we unlock the mysteries of historic buildings.

Rates:  5 Day Camps  • Members $130 / Non-Members $140 
4 Day Camp (August 5-8)  • Members $105 / Non-Members $115 

For more information or to register for camp, click here :

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Saint John Jewish Historical Museum Springtime Variety Concert

Springtime Variety Concert
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 7:30 p.m.
Grace Presbyterian Church
101 Coburg Street, Saint John    
in support of the Saint John Jewish Historical Museum

All of the musicians are from the Saint John area. The programme includes Christopher Lane (baritone), Luan Salmon (soprano), Deantha Edmunds (soprano), Claire Driscoll (piano), and David Dow (clarinet).   Robert Selby will be master of ceremonies for the evening   Join us for an evening of musical selections in traditional, classical and modern styles. It is aimed at appealing to a broad range of musical interests.   The entire proceeds will be used to further the activities of the Saint John Jewish Historical Museum in the summer of 2014.

Tickets for the evening are $15.00 and can be purchased from Board members or at the  Saint John Jewish Historical Museum – please phone 633-1833 or email to arrange pickup time.

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Acquisitions 10

English message follows…

Le Musée acadien de l’Université de Moncton,
campus de Moncton, présente l’exposition

Acquisitions 10

du 15 avril au 29 juin 2014. 
Le vernissage aura lieu le
mercredi, 16 avril 2014 de 17 h à 19 h.
Bienvenue à toute et à tous!

Il s’agit d’une sélection d’objets acquis par le musée
depuis les 10 dernières années, soit de 2003 à 2013

***   ***   ***
The Musée acadien of the Université de Moncton,
Moncton Campus, is presenting

Acquisitions 10

from April 15 to June 29, 2014.
The opening reception will be held on
Wednesday, April 16 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
All are welcome!

The exhibit consists of a selection of objects acquired
by the museum in the last 10 years, from 2003 to 2013.

Musée acadien de l’Université de Moncton
Téléphone : (506) 858-4088
Adresse civique :
405 avenue de l’Université
Moncton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

Adresse postale :
18 avenue Antonine-Maillet
Moncton NB  E1A 3E9

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Two Events at Queens County Heritage in Gagetown!

Heritage Fair
Wednesday, 16 April, 1-8 pm, Cambridge-Narrows School
Special Presentation by Peter Larocque, Curator, NB Cultural History & Art, NB Museum 7 pm at the School “Your Chums are Fighting: New Brunswickers in the Face of a Global Conflict” Based on the collections of the New Brunswick Museum this survey of images and objects speaks to the reactions and strategies of New Brunswickers, at home and abroad, who were immersed in “the War to End All Wars”


Tilley Birthday Bash 2014 – Celebrating Sir Leonard Tilley’s 196th birthday!
Saturday, May 10, 7 p.m., Queens County Court House, Village of Gagetown
Gourmet finger food, refreshments, socializing and a fabulous jazz trio ‘Carte Blanche’ from Moncton, with special guest soprano Monette Gould!

A great Mother’s Day weekend event.

Tickets $30. Reserve by calling 488-2483, by e-mail, by PayPal on our website ( or visit us on Facebook.

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York Sunbury Historical Society Program: The Aroostook War of 1839

The Aroostook War of 1839 by Gary Campbell

A little-known episode in North America’s history, the Aroostook War of 1839 was an undeclared war with no actual fighting.  It had its roots in the 1793 Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolutionary War but left the border of Maine (then part of Massachusetts) and British North America unsettled.  Efforts to locate the border based on the treaty failed.  The area between the competing British and American claims became known as the Disputed Territory.  Fearing a negotiated border would negatively affect its claim for the disputed territory, Maine occupied the Aroostook River valley in early 1839.  British regulars, New Brunswick militia, and Maine militia were then deployed in the dead of winter, as the kindling was laid for a third major Anglo-American conflagration.  Eventually, cooler heads prevailed, although they did not deter a number of skirmishes between the Maine Land Agent posses and a loosely organized group of New Brunswick lumbermen.  A complex story of friction, greed, land grabs, and the Ashburton-Webster Treaty of 1842 eventually settled rivalry, this border dispute that nearly resulted in war.  If you want to learn more about this fascinating period in New Brunswick history, join us at Government House, Thursday January 16 @ 7:30 PM when author Gary Campbell will tell us more about this story.

A reception will follow the presentation.  Non-members are cordially invited.

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Golden Age of Harness Racing in New Brunswick


(Please forward to anyone who may be interested in attending)

You are invited to a free public talk exploring the Golden Age of Harness Racing in New Brunswick, featuring local expert Leah Grandy, PhD, which will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 30, at the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame (NBSHF), 503 Queen St., Fredericton.

Nineteenth century New Brunswick was home to a vibrant and pioneering harness racing community, as professionals and amateurs thrilled spectators with some of the fastest horses in the world. Grandy will turn back the clock and delve into the fascinating history of a sport that continues to be championed by NB talent, including famed jockeys and NBSHF Hon. Members Earle B. Avery, Rufin Barrieau and James Doherty.

Contact: New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame


(Veuillez transmettre ce message à tous ceux qui seraient intéressés à y assister)

Vous êtes invité à une causerie sur l’âge d’or des courses attelées au Nouveau-Brunswick, animée par l’experte en la matière de la région, Leah Grandy, Ph. D., qui aura lieu à 19 h, le mercredi 30 octobre, au Temple de la renommée sportive du Nouveau-Brunswick (TRSNB), situé au 503, rue Queen, à Fredericton. L’entrée est libre.

Au XIXe siècle, le monde des courses attelées au Nouveau-Brunswick se caractérisait par son dynamisme et son avant-gardisme, conducteurs professionnels et amateurs faisant courir des chevaux parmi les plus rapides du monde, au grand plaisir des spectateurs. Mme Grandy effectuera un retour en arrière pour se plonger dans l’histoire fascinante d’un sport dans lequel, encore aujourd’hui, le N.-B. continue de faire sa marque grâce au talent de jockeys renommés membres d’honneur du TRSNB, comme Earle B. Avery, Rufin Barrieau et James Doherty.

Renseignements: Temple de la renommée sportive du Nouveau-Brunswick

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